DUE has many resources to provide academic support to students

Academic Testing Center

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The UCI Academic Testing Center administers the Placement Testing Program to new and continuing students to ensure correct placement in selected introductory courses.

Assessment & Applied Research

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The Center for Assessment and Applied Research provides information on and analysis of undergraduate students, programs, and polices for planning and decision-making.

Campus Writing Coordinator

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The Office of the Campus Writing Coordinator focuses on communication beyond the first year, offering consultations, workshops, and resources to faculty, lecturers, and TAs.

Learning/Academic Resources

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The Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC) connects “what to learn” with “how to learn” in a student-centered, collaborative learning experience.

UCI Media

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UCI Media offers video and media production for the campus. We aim to provide reliable media solutions, ensuring that our partners receive the appropriate blend of creativity and production acumen with a strong commitment to supporting the needs of undergraduate education.

Writing & Communication

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The Center for Excellence in Writing and Communication promotes writing and communication as lifelong practices. We offer consultations in-person and online.