Giving: Supporting DUE

Since the very start of UC Irvine’s history, donors have and continue to help create exciting opportunities for students.

One of the most inspiring ways that donors are able to help students experience opportunities they wouldn’t normally have, is through the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE). Through DUE, students are introduced to a wide-range of experiences, from the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) to study abroad, to internships in D.C and Sacramento. DUE hosts the Campuswide Honors Program and reaches out in many ways to UCI’s very diverse student population. DUE is proud to serve underrepresented, and low-income students. These high achieving individuals are often times the first in their family to attend and graduate college. When funds are available from donors, it helps to create more resources, and this makes a large impact on the lives of many students as well as the University. This is true impact to the community when each year’s graduating class brings their talents to the work force.

We welcome your support.

Best wishes,

Michael Dennin

Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
Dean for Division of Undergraduate Education

Give to First Generation Students Give to UROP Give to the Campuswide Honors Program Give to the Dean’s Excellence Fund
UCI offers first rate programs and services to support successful transition for first generation students.

• Scholarships to cover a wide range of student needs
• Mentorship programs with faculty and alumni
• Workshops on study skills, academic success, and goal-setting
• Personalized advising and counseling

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) supports and facilitates faculty-mentored undergraduate and research and creative activities in all disciplines.

• Grants & Fellowships
• Summer Research Fellowships
• Research On & Off-Campus
• Presentations at the annual UROP Symposium
• Multidisciplinary real world experience & collaborations

The Campuswide Honors Program (CHP) provides students with an exceptional educational experience leveraging the advantages of a Top 10 public research university with the teaching and learning experience of an elite liberal arts college.

• Specially designed honors courses taught by outstanding faculty, culminating in a capstone research project
• Personalized academic advising
• Vibrant honors community

The Dean’s Excellence Fund is a flexible source of support for all programs in the Division of Undergraduate Education. If you don’t see a program listed that you wish to support, please make your gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund and specify your interest in the comments section.

• Teaching and Learning
• Undergraduate enrichment and support programs
• Student research and innovation support

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