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  • What if you were bitten by a radioactive spider? This is technically the safest way to become a superhero, according to Michael Dennin, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Irvine. In his classes, Dennin often uses superheroes to explain the language and processes of science. … Dennin believes the impact would be greater if you were bitten by a normal spider carrying a retrovirus. Read more.

  • America’s Diverging Food Streams. Read more here.

  • ocregister

    Last year, UC Irvine – home of the Anteaters – was ranked first in the nation by The New York Times as the school doing the most for low-income students. Read more here.

  • Dennin_comiccon_140721_02_sz

    Ryan Foland, the new Senior Administrator of Social Media and Marketing for the Office of the Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning, shares how he gives back in the community.

  • International Peer Group (IPG) is growing into a series of International Excellence Programs (IEP)!

  • The University of California will deploy the collective power of its 10 campuses in a multidisciplinary effort to combat poverty in California and around the world.

  • fostering-freshmen

    Vice Provost Michael Dennin shares some new changes and initiatives that he thinks will make a real impact in the way we educate, foster and mentor our students for success.

  • Homecoming

    CHP student, Jordana Cardenas, was named 2016 Homecoming Queen. Steve Zylius/UCI

  • ibesties-150126-pk-16×9

    Save the Date for Part Two! May 5-6, 2016. GFS: Sustainable Solutions will be an opportunity to highlight scalable solutions, bring together partners across the country and globally, and demonstrate the impact of UC beyond California.

The mission of the Division of Undergraduate Education is to support and enrich the academic experiences of undergraduate students so that they succeed and thrive.


Studying Abroad Become involved in our broad range of experiential learning programs:
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  • Conduct research
  • Intern in the Capital
  • Become an ANTrepreneur
  • Teach your own seminar
  • Earn a Fulbright and more
  • Join Campuswide Honors
  • Minor in Civic Engagement
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Thanksgiving Potluck in Transfer Student Center Take a class or participate in a program designed especially for new students:
  • Meet a Mentor from the International Peer Group
  • Take the U/U class
  • Enroll in a Freshman Seminar
  • Visit the Transfer Student Center
  • Attend Summer Bridge
  • Enroll in Global Sustainability
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